A good night’s sleep is your fuel to thrive in life, your work, school, almost all aspects of your normal life. If you are not getting the rest your body needs, do something about it and get help from AKA-CHI professional. The prepared experts there can assist with recognizing the hidden reason for your rest burdens and give helpful treatment that changes attempting to rest from something you fear to something you don’t even think about. Today, make an arrangement by calling or using the online scheduling tool to learn more. Resting should re-energize you and soothe pressure; it should not worry you.

Sleep Problems


If you find it difficult to sleep, it could be due to a sleep disorder or sleep problem. It is not normal that you cannot sleep at night, wake up tired, or feel drowsy all day.

It tends to be disappointing and can influence your day-by-day daily schedule, assuming you are experiencing difficulty dozing. Much of the time, rest issues or problems are auxiliary side effects of other basic issues.

Some of these issues commonly causing sleep deprivation include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder

This isn't always the case, so get professional assistance at AKA-CHI.

If you think that you have a sleeping disorder or sleeping problem, review the following list of questions. If you answer "yes" to many of these, you may have one.


  • Do you find it tiring to drive?
  • Do you want it hard for you to focus?
  • Do you look tired?
  • Do you feel drowsy during the day?
  • Do you find it difficult to stay awake while reading or watching television?
  • Do you need caffeine constantly to function?
  • Do you feel the need to nap during the day?
  • Do you react slowly to things?


Suppose your answer to most questions is "yes," then you more likely to have a sleeping disorder and sleeping problem. Visit a medical professional if that's the case and find out if an underlying issue is causing this problem.

AKA-CHI team of professionals works for you, performing an in-depth medical evaluation, taking into account your medical history, and reviewing your symptoms to prescribe you sleep meditation and the cause of these sleep problems. Once an underlying issue is identified, and we are sure with the disorder of your sleep stages, our professionals work with you to tackle your problem through therapy and sleep medicines.

Medication is also a part of the solution to alleviate your insomnia, but we do not prescribe medicines that are addictive and leave side effects on your health. Moreover, you can take the help of some natural sleep aids that support good sleep.

Telemedicine depends upon the condition, and it might not be right for everyone and the situation. We recommend that the patient pay a visit for initial evaluations and consultations at AKA-CHI. After that point onwards, your provider will guide you about the treatment plan, which might include remote appointments or follow-ups, depending on the specifics of your lifestyle, preferences, and, most importantly, your mental health issue.