It’s not necessary you have to visit a therapist to recover from any mental health condition. As technology evolves, Telehealth has made it easier for patients to get treatment and medicine through telepsychiatry. At AKA-CHI, we know how our work, family, and other things have taken over our lives, and no matter which stage of life you are in, everyone goes through a decline in their mental stage. We want you to prioritize yourself and your mental health and support everyone struggling; we offer telehealth treatment. We do our best to personalize your treatment at the patient’s convenience. It has been proved that Telemedicine has given more convenience to patients, and the recovery rate is higher in this regard. Using remote appointments to monitor and treat mental health conditions is a viable option that can make your life easier and less of a burden.

Call us now to book an appointment today for a consultation to understand more about your condition and its recovery process. We help you find out the medicine that fits you the best.

Telemedicine is the act of getting assessments, analyzing, and treatment through media communications, similar to calls or Skype. It permits medical care experts to perform basic emotional wellness mediation from a distance, which can be the most convenient choice in specific circumstances or interface you with a favored provider who doesn't live within an approachable area. The act of Telemedicine has gotten steam somewhat recently and is turning into an acknowledged and significant piece of the United States' medical care system.

Telemedicine is an innovative approach in healthcare, making follow-ups, managing long-term conditions, overseeing medication results, and special consultations easy. These are the types of services that AKA-CHI provides remotely.

With the innovation approach like Skype, you feel as though you are not too far off in the room with your specialist for a basic meeting. This choice gives expanded access and alternative options to in-office visits.


Likewise, since treatment depends so intensely on trust, assuming you move away or are away for something important, Telemedicine can give you to speak with your believed specialist who knows you and the specifics of your conditions. It is desirable over smothering something or addressing somebody you are uncomfortable with.

Telemedicine has proved to increase availability and access to scheduled appointments; it offers many benefits as far as your treatment goes, including:

  • More time to spend with work and family
  • Time safe on traveling
  • You get the privacy that you need

Less interference with other obligations, like childcare

Telemedicine depends upon the condition, and it might not be right for everyone and the situation. We recommend that the patient pay a visit for initial evaluations and consultations at AKA- CHI. After that point onwards, your provider will guide you about the treatment plan, which might include remote appointments or follow-ups, depending on the specifics of your lifestyle, preferences, and, most importantly, your mental health issue.